We began enrolling participants in May 2016. The study is being carried out at research centers across the country including 15 civilian and Veterans Affairs hospitals. The study will enroll approximately 1028 patients.

We are enrolling patients who have at least moderately severe COPD as shown by lung function tests, though the trial will also include patients with very severe disease who may be on oxygen.  For safety, patients with serious medical problems like liver cirrhosis or active cancer will not be enrolled, nor will patients undergoing regular intensive medical treatment like dialysis. Also, patients who currently need beta-blocker treatment (such as those who recently had a heart attack) cannot participate in the study as it would be unethical for them to potentially receive placebo. 

Patients will be in the trial for approximately 1 year. Throughout the study, patients will be monitored for side effects. Neither patients nor the investigators will know if patients are receiving the beta-blocker or the placebo.  At the study’s end,  we will examine our findings and determine how well the beta-blocker was tolerated and whether it reduced the risk of exacerbations in comparison to placebo.